"I came to change, I am the change." 

Rich I.E. was born in 1992 in Montclair, CA. He developed his love for music through his parents & grandmother. Growing up I.E.'s father would always play reggae & jazz music & his mother & grandmother would always play the oldies soul & R&b music. I.E. First discovered his love for music as entered middle & high school , he would always be freestyling & soon began writing daily. To get better at his craft he studied the game and the greats. He soon met friends "Drews" & Hanswel that introduced him to producing. Once he discovered this was his true passion, he decided to go school for music after high school. Soon after high school I.E. Began producing daily & providing beats for many local artist in his area. His tag "Ur-Ur-UrKillinmerichie" was getting notice & he began getting placements with artist all over. 

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